Best Horror Game Apps

September 8, 2018

This game would be very suitable for you and your friends. Having boring lessons? In this game, you can play as Slender Man by yourself. You will try to find and kill students that will be played by your friends with you online.  Students’ purposes are to run from Slender Man and to find and destroy […]

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Best iOS Games You Need to Play Right Now

August 8, 2018

iOS and Android games have come along way with games like Plane Scape, Crashlands, and Monument Valley. iOS and Android games have taken over the revenue account with 43% of the industry total revenue. The mobile market had burst into the growth last year. Gaming on mobile has been improving at a great rate than […]

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Free Offline Games For Android & iOS

July 8, 2018

Even if the game does not have any online related features, the connection is still required in order to upload the user information onto the game servers. The requirement means that users cannot play the game without having an active internet connection. This is a problem that resides on both Android, as well as iOS. Luckily, […]

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Best Train Game Apps for Android

May 8, 2018

The train games are very exciting. There is always something to learn. Some of them develop a speed of reaction, other logical thinking. Traveling on the railroad is never boring. In addition to unforgettable adventures, the players learn a lot about the real life of railway workers. In the world of trains, a lot, if […]

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Best Launchers for Android Phone

March 8, 2018

N Launcher is based on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat and support for Android 4.1+ devices. It is yet another light and fast launcher app with Android 7.0 Nougat style animation and design. It also comes with vertical style app drawer with A-Z scrollbar. It also supports Nougat style widgets and app drawer icon. You […]

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Best Data Saving Android Browsers

January 8, 2018

There are a number of great browsers available for Android that let users surf the web but only a few of them bring data compression. You might be wondering why data saving Android browsers are needed in a time of high-speed internet. Well, there are a number of reasons for that. Firstly, your mobile data bandwidth can […]

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